Tip of the Day: Impersonating a User

We recently added a feature that allows a super administrator to Impersonate a User. We are aware that not everyone here is a super admin, but this is still something you should know is available when you ask for help in troubleshooting an issue. Kavi Support staff use the Impersonate a User feature often as the first step in researching a user issue, in fact.  The new Impersonate a User feature is extremely handy if someone says they can’t see or access something that other users are able to see.

If you are a super administrator, you can start at the Kavi Workspace 5 Admin Panel, then choose Manage a User, look up the person having the problem, then click Impersonate User.


At the top of the screen, you will now see: 

Impersonate icon | Name of user you are impersonating (your name in parentheses)

While you are impersonating a user, you see everything inside Workspace exactly as the user sees it. This is extremely handy in helping you determine the nature of the problem: configuration issue, permissions issue, browser issue, firewall issue, etc.

Have you tried this feature yet? Is it making life easier on you? Let us know what you think.