Basic Support

Each time you contact Kavi, you reach an expert deeply committed to helping you succeed. Our goal is to help your organization get maximum value from Workspace as effectively as possible.

This document outlines specific services, priorities, and responsibilities aimed at better defining our working relationship, and is subject to modification at any time in response to changes in Kavi services and support practices. We cover the following topics:

How to Contact Us

Kavi’s Customer Experience team helps your organization get maximum value from Workspace as effectively as possible. You can contact us in these ways:

  • Email: (preferred) Send a message with contact information and a detailed description of the request for service to your support email address. The email request automatically creates a new ticket in our Help Desk; our entire team will see your request.
  • Web: Log into our Help Desk (with established account) and submit the online form.
  • Phone: Contact Kavi Customer Experience at 503.963.3535. We do prefer email or web submissions where possible in order to accurately capture relevant details.
Normal Business Hours

Product Support is available Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time, except when the office is closed due to holidays or administrative closings. Requests can be submitted online or by email 24 hours a day.

Kavi Support Responsibilities

To help ensure a positive experience, we will:

  • let you know which Kavi employee now owns your issue by acknowledging your ticket via email or phone.
  • make every reasonable effort to provide a solution to the issue or to provide the requested information during the first contact.
  • ask for supporting or clarifying information to help us further investigate the issue if needed.
  • keep you updated on a regular basis if the issue requires extended time to resolve.

If we cannot resolve your request, we will escalate the issue and inform both you and your Account Manager. Please note that our Support Policy applies to Product Support for our own suite of applications. If the problem or request concerns third-party software or services, we may suggest other avenues of support.

Customer Responsibilities

In order to help us help you, we ask that you:

  • provide detailed information about the issue. Examples include:
    • URL where the problem occurred
    • expected versus observed behavior
    • exact time/date
    • account information for affected users (username)
  • send an email to your support email address rather than sending it directly to an individual Kavi employee. We monitor our main support email address to provide thorough coverage.
  • do your best to be available to us if we need more details. (Please provide us with a phone number where we can reach you when you file your request)

All Workspace administrators are subscribed to the Kavi Support email list as well – we use this low-traffic list to provide announcements about upcoming software releases, updates about Kavi technical issues, and other significant events of note.

Priority Levels for Customer Requests

Application Support makes every effort to resolve issues promptly and efficiently. As part of our process, we log and assign priorities for unresolved requests based on the following definitions. We assign one of four priority levels to a ticket:

Priority Steps associated with ticket submission Acknowledgement Next Contact
Critical Customer phones or sends email to the Help Desk < 4 hours 1 business day
High Phone or Email to the Help Desk < 8 hours 2 business days
Normal Email to the Help Desk 24 hours varies
Low Email to the Help Desk < 48 hours Varies

* All commitments based on normal business hours. Procedures for accessing after-hours support detailed at the end of this document.

You can help us meet the response commitments for Critical and High priority requests by indicating the appropriate priority in the subject line of the email when you open your ticket. We will make every reasonable effort to respect your request. We may also modify the priority as work on a ticket progresses.

Timeframe Definitions

  • Acknowledgement: A human being at Kavi notifies you via email or phone that we have received your request and are reviewing it.
  • Next Contact: The next time that we will contact you with an update on status.

Priority = Critical

  • Definition: Application(s) are inaccessible with no procedural workaround, resulting in critical work stoppage.
  • Examples: Complete crash of the application(s). Email is malfunctioning. Administrators are unable to access the application(s).
  • Acknowledgement: Kavi will respond within 4 hours via email and may follow up with a phone call.
  • Next Contact: Within 1 business day, or as agreed to with the customer.

Priority = High

  • Definition: Application(s) are functioning, but in a severely reduced capacity resulting in significant loss of productivity.
  • Example: Applications are prohibitively slow. Application processing may still continue by implementing a temporary workaround. Administrators encounter error(s), but do not lose critical functionality. Users are unable to log into key areas of the site.
  • Acknowledgement: Kavi will respond within 8 hours via email and may follow up with a phone call.
  • Next Contact: Less than 2 business days, or as agreed to with the customer.

Priority = Normal

  • Definition: Problem impairs but does not prevent use of application(s); acceptable workaround exists.
  • Examples: Users encounter error(s), but do not lose critical functionality. Page content is displayed, but formatting is inconsistent. Reports are not producing expected results, but no data has been lost.
  • Acknowledgement: Kavi will respond within 24 hours via email.
  • Next Contact: Less than variesdepending on the situation. 

Priority = Low

  • Definition: Low impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the application(s).
  • Examples: How-to questions, feature requests, documentation questions.
  • Acknowledgement: Kavi will respond within 48 hours via email
  • Next Contact: Varies depending on the situation.

On some tickets, Kavi Support will offer suggestions that require input from you to confirm that a problem has been resolved. We will close the ticket if we have not received any response after repeated attempts to reach you. You are always welcome to reopen a closed ticket if you find you need further assistance.

If you are unhappy with the level of service you’ve received, we invite you to call your Kavi Account Manager or Betsy Richter, our VP of Customer Experience (via our main number: 503.234.4220)

After-Hours Support

There may be times when you need to contact us on a holiday or outside our normal business hours. If the office is closed and you require immediate assistance for a Critical issue (as defined elsewhere in our SLA), please call us at 503.234.4220. The answering service will then page the on-call Application Support Analyst, who will call you back.

Quality of Service Measures

We may seek feedback in a variety of ways after a service request has been completed: phone calls, direct email, online surveys, or through follow-up by a Kavi Account Manager. You are always encouraged to provide feedback at any time by contacting your Account Manager or our VP of Customer Expereince.