Support Policies

Kavi maintains the equipment and software that we use to provide your application suite. In addition, Kavi’s Customer Experience team is the primary point of contact at Kavi. Our goal is to help your organization get maximum value from Workspace as effectively as possible. Each time you contact Kavi, you reach an expert deeply committed to helping you succeed.

The following policies outline specific services, priorities, and responsibilities aimed at better defining Kavi’s working relationship with our customers. They are subject to modification at any time in response to changes in Kavi services and product support needs.

Application and Platform Maintenance Policies

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Application Maintenance includes regular application code updates or patches, bug fixes or product enhancements.

Scheduled Platform Maintenance includes software releases, minor software updates, security patches, OS (operating system) upgrades, hardware upgrades/enhancements, or other infrastructure-related operations.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance includes urgent patches and updates, urgent security updates, or hardware repairs. Emergency Maintenance may be performed as needed and typically cannot be scheduled.

Scheduled Maintenace: Timeline

Kavi performs routine Scheduled Maintenance on these days:

Application Maintenance – Workspace 5 platform: Tuesday beginning at 5 AM PST – to completion. Customers should experience no loss or interruption of service while maintenance is occurring on their installation.

Application Maintenance – Workspace 6 platform: Thursday beginning at 5 PM PST – to completion. Customers should experience no loss or interruption of service while maintenance is occurring on their installation.

Platform Maintenance: Thursday beginning at 5 PM PST – Friday 1 am PST. Customers may experience a disruption of service inside of this maintenance window should we need to perform core service upgrades (which may include rebooting servers, for example).

Kavi also performs major application releases, hardware upgrades, critical security fixes, and other updates on an as-needed basis, scheduled either for after-business hours Pacific time or on weekends. All maintenance that results in a service disruption (whether scheduled or as part of routine Thursday updates) will be documented in our System Availability forum.

Customer Communication

Customers are not regularly notified prior to routine Application or Platform Maintenance events – instead, we adhere to the schedules noted above. However, we do provide regular customer updates about planned new features, or revisions to existing product components. Look for those in our Product Announcements forum (also shared via the Kavi Support e-mail newsletter as well).

Kavi will notify Customers in advance via email – sent to the administrative contacts for the organization as currently on file – for any planned major Scheduled Maintenance, as defined above. (Are you a current administrative contact for your organization, but aren’t getting Kavi Support email updates? Subscribe here…)

Kavi will notify Customers via email of Emergency Maintenance to the extent it is reasonably able to do so. We suggest monitoring our System Availability update page to review in-progress events and their resolutions.

Kavi Application Support Policy

We offer two Application Support Policies for our customers:

Please note that Support Policies apply to Application Support for our own Workspace product suite. If the problem or request concerns third-party software or services, we may be able to suggest other avenues of support.