September Workspace Updates – Global ballot management, tracking attendance, and more.

The last couple of months have been busy for us at Kavi. We have made several product improvements and updates in both Workspace 5 and Workspace 6 that we are very excited to share with you.

In Workspace 5 & 6:

– Enhancements to the Tracking Attendance page – It’s now easier for admins and managers to sort and track meeting attendance.

– A global Admin Ballot Management page – Want to have a snapshot of all current and upcoming ballot activity in your organization? We’ve completely refactored the ballot management page so you can keep a closer eye on all ballots.

In Workspace 6:

– User experience changes – The Workspace interface has been simplified and refined to help you quickly find the information you want.

– RTF and ISO specific exports – We now offer all comment exports in RTF format. 

– New mail moderation page – More options are now available on the mail moderation page along with some new UI elements. 


Want to take a quick look at some of these enhancements? Check out the video below!