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Workspace Overview: You Set the Agenda! (6/3/15)

This webinar is a departure from our usual format – instead, you set the agenda!

We asked attendees to suggest their own questions or areas of concern as part of the registration process. We then set up a draft agenda and stepped through almost all of our submitted questions in this webinar that ran a little longer than our usual sessions (40 minutes.)

Of course, we also answered questions from attendees, either verbally or in the associated chat box provided by our webinar host service.

The first two requested topics – Features and Kavi Roadmap – gave us an opportunity to suggest that organization administrators attend our Mid-Year User Group virtual meeting on Tuesday, June 23rd to hear more about upcoming features, the migration from Workspace 5 to Workspace 6, and what we’re planning for the next few months. Contact us if you want more information on attending that session.

We then covered our in-application documentation components, reviewed sharing settings (including sharing to the general public), and answered questions about both ProjectView and how to create a ballot in Workspace.

We received great feedback from those who attended this webinar – so much so that we’ll be offering similar sessions throughout the year!

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