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Managing Agreements in Workspace 6

Our recent July 29th release included the new member Agreements feature. This feature helps organizations publish and enforce their participation terms.

With online Agreements, organization administrators can create a “click to accept” agreement. The agreement appears to all members when they log into Workspace after a new agreement has been activated.

We’ve prepared this brief 10-minute video outlining how Agreements are created and implemented. We also demonstrate what an Agreement looks like to your members.

Agreements Training from Kavi Support on Vimeo.

We also have in-app documentation available in your organization’s Workspace installation. Just click on the ? icon in the upper right hand corner, then select Administrator Guide. The Managing: Agreements manual will display at the top of the page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Kavi Support Help Desk should you require further assistance.


  • Agreements apply only to individual person accounts, not to Company accounts.
  • Members must ‘accept’ the agreement in order to proceed into Workspace.
  • Only one agreement is active at a time. If you change the agreement three times in a year, members will have three different ‘click-to-accept’ experiences.
  • Workspace maintains a list of those who accepted each agreement.
  • Each Account profile now contains an Agreements side tab showing accepted agreements/acceptance date.

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