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We handle customer implementations, product support and training, technical consulting, and account management for current Kavi customers.



We’ve recently introduced a new feature to our Workspace 6 customer base. Jots are a new type of document where multiple people can work on text together in real-time. Jots are seamlessly integrated to the document repository.

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Where's My Mail?

If you’re sending from Google Mail or Microsoft Office 365, you may not see messages you sent to a Groups list reflected back to you in your inbox – even though the message shows up in the Workspace mail archive for the group.

Learn more about why Google and Microsoft regard this ‘feature-not-a-bug’ as just part of their overall efforts to reduce email clutter.


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Our online portal allows authorized administrators to work directly with Kavi’s support staff via email and web tickets (login required to submit tickets).

Frequently updated online help is integrated into the product.

Short, interactive video training sessions are scheduled each month for our administrator community.

Kavi’s service, maintenance and support policies.

Our Customers Say

“I wanted you to know how much we have appreciated your responsiveness (to be counted sometimes in seconds, not even minutes), your professionalism, and overall support as we’ve gotten to our launch day today.”

—Steve Barclay, ATIS


Kavi Announcements

Visit the Product Announcements page to review details about our frequent product updates.

Read our Support Announcements to find the latest browser support policy, along with more information on what we’re doing to better support both our administrators and end-users.

We publish System Availability announcements for customers to better communicate about any ongoing system status event – whether it’s in process or to provide a post-mortem update.